"Hier überzeugen drei Musiker mit ausgereiftem Handwerk, kreativem Feingefühl und gesundem Selbstbewusstsein."

(Ulf Drechsel - RADIOkultur 92,4)

„...Wenn die Musik des Pianisten und Komponisten Niko Meinhold aus der Begleiterrolle heraustritt, wird auch die Stimme des Vorlesers zum Instrument, gewinnt sie an Tempo, überschlägt sich fast, versinkt in der Musik. Ein feines Spiel mit Literatur und Jazz.“


„Wunderschön... Ein Hörgenuss!“

(Dresdner Morgenpost)

"... a duo of two marked and outstanding personalities who in no phase need a noisy self-presentation but project but extend beyond themselves into an independent world of sound of their own."

(Jazz Zeitung)

„This Duo can create suspense: sparse clarinet tones, and the use of extended techniques on the piano strings, make you want to know what is coming next. ... This is music with character and vision.“(freejazz-stef.blogspot.com)

Radio feature on tarans free jazz hour

„...crispy, spicy and sweet. It was a magical session recorded in Sweden without overdubs, but with friends from Finland, Iceland, and Norway. I still love it. However, the label now gave up after some years. So you can order the last CDs right here by contacting me!“

(Niko Meinhold - Businessman)

„With just two percussive instruments, it is a minor miracle how these musicians keep the listener's interest.“

(George Harris - All About Jazz)

“Intelligent broad canvas free improvisation to delight the imagination.”

(John Russell)

"Nonstop enjoyable trio ... outstanding interaction and amazing ears...
without missing edge nor substance, the music is gripping for the listener... silence and space tell stories...it goes beyond the ear directly to the heart“

(Timo Kangas - Lira Musik Magasin)

"...anticipatory and responsive listening. Thoughtful and picturesque exploration. Chamber jazz isn’t always an easy sell these days, but Kokotob has the goods worth procurement. "

(Derek Taylor - Dusted Magazine)

"...each member prepared a compositional idea...adventurous music where their interplay is brought to a level the band probably never reached before...A must for the lovers of the „Echtzeitscene“ and for all the listeners that are not afraid to follow unpredictable musical paths off the beaten track."

(Mario Biserli - Nite Stylez)

“...experienced and talented jazz masters. All musicians are great impovisors...Unique sound...rich and vivid musical language. The music on this album is bright, driving and inspiring”

(Avant Scena)

„…komplette und wohlklingende, dabei so inspiriert

freie und gleichzeitig gut strukturierte Musik […]”



Pianist Meinhold glänzt mit fast unglaublicher Fingerfertigkeit und klar akzentuierten  Glissandi...“

(hna.de 2024)